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Although braces are an effective way to improve the look and function of your smile, some people may feel self-conscious about visible metal wires and brackets. Luckily, clear braces are available for people who want a less noticeable but effective orthodontic treatment. Clear braces can help you discreetly achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile.

As an orthodontist, we provide clear braces at Hawthorne Orthodontics in Lawndale and the surrounding area. Our team can handle your orthodontic needs. Call us today at 310-921-8333 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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Understanding Clear Braces

Clear braces are also known as ceramic braces since the brackets consist of tooth-colored ceramic or plastic material. In other cases, they can consist of stainless steel, clear materials, or gold. They are a good alternative to traditional braces that utilize metal brackets and wires. While clear braces also use wires and brackets, they are less noticeable due to the clear appearance.

People can choose to have clear braces on all of their teeth or only the teeth that are visible when they smile. They are an ideal treatment option for people who want less noticeable orthodontic treatment. As the clear brackets blend in with the natural teeth, the high tech archwires around the brackets gently move the teeth into alignment.

Who Should Get Clear Braces

Most people who need braces can benefit from clear braces. Many teens and adults prefer clear braces over metal braces because of their less visible appearance. We recommend them for people with all their adult teeth since this ensures a quick correction and a lower chance of brackets breaking due to tooth movement strain.

They can correct underbites, crossbites, overbites, misaligned teeth, and other orthodontic issues. People who need other oral devices, such as expanders or jaw ligatures, may not be ideal candidates for clear braces. Patients will have a consultation to discuss goals, lifestyle, and other factors to consider before making a treatment decision.

Potential Disadvantages of Clear Braces

While there are many benefits to clear braces, there are also some factors that people should take into consideration before making a decision. Although the materials in clear braces are durable, they are more prone to breakage than traditional braces. A 2016 study found that clear braces are more than twice as likely to break or fracture.

While clear braces consist of stain-resistant materials, the rubber bands that hold the archwire to brackets do not. These bands can stain and will remain stained until patients have them replaced. The brackets of clear braces also tend to be larger than metal braces brackets. This can make it more difficult to clean around brackets and increase the risk of gum issues. Fortunately, patients can combat staining and gum disease with proper oral hygiene.

Benefits of Clear Braces

The most apparent benefit of clear braces is their less noticeable appearance. The clear brackets and wires blend in naturally with teeth and are less likely to appear in photos. Another benefit of clear braces is their material. While metal braces can be abrasive on teeth, clear braces’ brackets are less likely to cause discomfort or irritate gums.

Advanced orthodontic technology adheres the brackets to teeth with the highest bond strength possible and the least amount of change to the tooth enamel. Patients do not have to worry about enamel damage since the bonding agent prevents demineralization and color change around a bracket during treatment. An additional benefit of clear braces is the resulting straighter teeth, which are healthier in form and function. Properly aligned teeth gather less plaque since they are easier to clean.

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If you want less visible orthodontic treatment, clear braces may be the right treatment for you. Our orthodontist and team at Lawndale Orthodontics can help. Call us today at 310-921-8333 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do clear braces get discolored?

The brackets of clear braces are resistant to discoloration and do not stain. However, the clear plastic bands that attach the archwires to the brackets can stain and make the braces more visible. The best way to combat staining is to avoid staining foods and drinks.

How long does clear braces treatment take?

The treatment length will vary for each patient since everyone responds differently. The key factor regarding the length of orthodontic treatment is the kind of problem. On average clear braces take about one to three years to straighten teeth.

How are clear braces placed?

Clear braces are placed the same way as traditional braces. After cleaning the patient’s teeth, we will apply glue to each tooth’s center and then use blue light to set the glue. After bracket placement, we will apply metal bands to the back molars to anchor the braces. Then, we will attach the archwires to the brackets by wrapping small rubber bands around each bracket.

How often will my child need follow-up visits for braces?

Follow-up appointments are an essential part of orthodontic treatment. Patients will return every four to six weeks to have adjustments made to their orthodontic appliances. The adjustment process is gradual to avoid damaging the support structure of the teeth.

Do clear braces hurt?

Receiving clear braces should not hurt but can cause temporary discomfort. During treatment, patients will need to have their wires tightened. These adjustments can cause patients’ teeth to feel sore as they gradually move into alignment. The wires can also rub against the inside of the mouth and cause some irritation. Our team will provide each patient with instructions on how to combat discomfort.

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