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While most people want straighter teeth, many do not want the visible metal wires and brackets that come with conventional braces. Ceramic braces are a great solution for people who want less visible orthodontic treatment. This option can move teeth in the right direction without making people feel self-conscious about visible metal appliances.

If you want to enhance the look of your smile, ceramic braces can help. Ceramic braces are available at Hawthorne Orthodontics in Lawndale and the surrounding area. Call us at 310-921-8333 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces, also known as clear braces, are a less visible orthodontic treatment option. The brackets can consist of ceramic, porcelain, or in some cases, plastic. Many people opt for ceramic braces because they are less noticeable on teeth than traditional metal brackets and wires.

People can choose whether they want their brackets to be clear or colored the same as their natural teeth. We recommend clear brackets for people with lighter teeth and tooth-colored brackets for teeth that are slightly darker. Some ceramic braces utilize tooth-colored wires, so they are even less noticeable.

Effectiveness of Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are most effective for people who have stopped or almost stopped growing and have all their adult teeth. This allows for more efficient correction since there is a lower chance of brackets breaking due to the strain of teeth moving. Ceramic braces can solve most of the same orthodontic problems fixed by conventional braces.

Ceramic brackets can not withstand as much force as metal ones, so they may not be the best choice for everyone. They may also be less effective in extreme cases, where the teeth structure requires major changes. Our team can recommend the right treatment option to provide optimal results.

Placing Ceramic Braces

Typically, the process of putting ceramic braces on takes one to two hours. First, our orthodontist must thoroughly clean and dry the patient’s teeth. This step will help form a tight seal between the teeth and the brackets.

We will then apply specialized bonding glue and attach the ceramic brackets to each tooth in a precise pattern. A blue curing light will dry the glue quickly and secure the brackets into place. Finally, the brackets are connected using an archwire connected by elastic ties.

Ceramic Braces Vs. Traditional Metal Braces

Ceramic braces are a common alternative to traditional metal braces. Both ceramic and traditional metal braces have the same function, straightening teeth by applying pressure over time. Where ceramic braces and traditional metal braces differ is in the materials used.

Ceramic brackets have more cosmetic and aesthetic appeal, making them great for people who want to feel confident in social and professional settings. While ceramic brackets are durable, they are more likely to crack or break upon impact. The strength of metal brackets allows them to straighten more severe misalignments and move teeth slightly faster than ceramic ones.

Caring for Ceramic Braces

The brackets of ceramic braces are stain-resistant. However, the rubber ties that connect the brackets to the archwire are susceptible to discoloration. Ceramic braces wearers must maintain good oral hygiene to keep their brackets clean and less noticeable.

Proper oral hygiene includes brushing teeth at least twice a day to remove debris from between the teeth, brackets, and wires. It is equally important to floss teeth at least once a day to remove any debris that brushing teeth cannot remove. We recommend to avoid consuming any foods or beverages that can stain, such as coffee, tea, and berries. When consuming things that can stain, people should rinse their mouths or brush their teeth afterward.

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Ceramic braces are a great alternative to more visible, conventional braces. Our team at Hawthorne Orthodontics can help you achieve your smile goals. Call us today at 310-921-8333 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need a retainer after ceramic braces?

Retainers are custom devices to hold teeth in place after braces. They are a crucial part of preserving great orthodontic results. Our team can provide patients with more information about retainers during their consultation.

How long does ceramic braces treatment take?

The length of treatment ultimately comes down to the severity of the patient's malocclusion. The process can generally take from 18 to 36 years, depending on the patient. Our team can provide patients with a more precise timeline during their consultation.

Are ceramic braces comfortable?

Ceramic braces are one of the more comfortable orthodontic treatment options. The material is less abrasive than metal and less likely to cause discomfort or irritate gums. It is normal for patients to experience some temporary discomfort when we tighten the archwires

How often will I need follow-up visits for ceramic braces?

Patients will need to attend regular orthodontic adjustment appointments to maintain successful orthodontic progress. These adjustments will treat any damage to braces, such as broken brackets, damaged wires, and even parts of the appliance causing discomfort. Attending follow-up appointments every four to five weeks will keep patients on track and their treatment process comfortable.

Will ceramic braces interfere with everyday activities?

Ceramic braces should not interfere with most everyday activities. Ceramic braces are a good option for people with jobs since they are less visible and interfere less with their appearance. However, they can interfere with high contact sports since the brackets are more prone to breaking.

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